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          Our recipe for success is what differentiates us from our competitors and is comprised of People, Planning, Productivity and Innovative Solutions.

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          At Faith Technologies, we believe in complete electrical safe work practice program development provided through years of knowledge and first hand experiences in the field of electricity.

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          When you work here, you work with people who believe in you enough to invest in you through ongoing apprenticeships, industry-leading safety and training programs, and continuous professional development.



          Associated General Contractors March 3, 2020

          “Autodesk and Associated General Contractors of America Equip Women in Construction with Properly Fitting Safety Harnesses”
          Autodesk and the Associated General Contractors of America are awarding grants to 21 construction firms to provide more than 300 fall protection safety harnesses designed for women, the two groups announced today. The grants are designed to address one of the most significant safety hazards for construction craft professionals and recruit more women into high-paying construction careers.  


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